SuperMailer 10.70

SuperMailer 10.70

Mirko Boeer – Freeware – Windows
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With SuperMailer you can send personalized serial mails (like newsletters) as plaintext or HTML with additional attachment using up to 10 threads simultaneous. The recipients of the message can be imported from a text file, the Windows addressbook, from Microsoft Outlook, Excel or a SQL database. SuperMailer manages the recipients of the message, the email content and attachments in a project, so you can easily reuse the data. Emails as HTML can be easy created with the integrated WYSIWYG editor, so you can insert images, hyperlinks and tables on the fly in your email. While sending the emails you can see live the progress. After done you can save a protocoll as plaintext or HTML file. SuperMailer uses a SMTP server, Microsoft Outlook, a MAPI capable client or sends the messages directly to the recipient. Additional it integrates a function to check email addresses, hyperlinks, correct spelling and tracking for success control. With a script (thats for free) you can do newsletter subscribtions and unsubscribtions automatically.


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